About Us

 Little Falls Alliance for a Better Community

The purpose of this organization, a nonprofit  501(c)3, nonpolitical, and nonsectarian, shall be to encourage cultural,  revitalization, Educational and the Beautification Development of Little Falls.  We will share in the  Civil and Social welfare of our community and to encourage cooperation in  all lines of progress.

The object of the Little Falls Nonprofit  organization is to preserve and enhance the business districts, the parks, recreational areas, cultural areas and to help bring the residents and the  business Community into one cohesive unit. This organization will enable the creation of  self-help, strategies to enhance and revitalize Little Falls.

The services are to be designed to support and  help  rather than replace municipal government services in order to  implement and revitalization plan.

Grants will be written for the  economic/redevelopment of Main Street, our parks, and to develop a Transit Village.  We are here to  improve the quality of life.

President: Renea Shapiro

Vice President: Janice Alvarez

Treasurer: John Pace

Alliance for a Better Community (ABC) is a totally volunteer, non-profit organization and is open to everyone.  Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Civic Center, 19 Warren Street (across from the library) at 7:15 PM.  Please join us!

To contact ABC via email:    LittleFallsABC@aol.com